Vegan Athlete of the Year 2016

Meagan Duhamel is Vegan Athlete of the Year 2016

Vegan Athletes hit the headlines in 2016

What did vegan athletes do in 2016?

Cam fights for yet another national title

Cam has already achieved so much in boxing with over a dozen US titles. This year he faced enormous disappointment when he failed to qualify for the Olympics. It lead to a change in direction for him as he started motivational speaking – but he hasn’t forgotten boxing.

Vegan Hulda at the Icelandic Cup

Hulda competed in the 84kg category, although weighing in at just under 77kg she was the lightest in her category.

Greg hopes his vegan physique will bring him another win

Greg Moormann entered his fourth competition of the year in the Cayman Islands. Unbeaten in his 40+ category the US based vegan again took the title in the Men’s Physique Masters 40+ category.

Another vegan Gold for Duhamel

The pair are now twice World Champions and five times Canadian champions, and at Skate Canada started the Grand Prix circuit for the 2016-7 season.

85km Trail World Championships challenges Vlad

The 85 km course was taken on by the top three runners from each country and featured extremely tough terrain and an amazing 4500 metres of height gain. This made the run the equivalent of climbing a substantial mountain in addition to the distance. Vlad represented Australia.

Series win for Pumpelly

Now Spencer and racing partner Nick Galante have completed an excellent season in the Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge where they have secured the title.

Fight night for the Fury

Claire Foreman had an interstate fight which attracted attention and gave her an excellent opportunity to show her abilities.

Ben’s desert adventure in Chile

More extreme conditions awaited Ben Dame when he took on the Atacama crossing in Chile.

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