European competition and more national records

Vegan Viking Hulda B Waage travelled to Malaga, Spain, where she was the lightest of eight women in the under 84kg category of the IPF-sanctioned event.

18 May 2017

“I was really nervous” said Hulda a soon after the meet “but couple of days before arriving in Malaga I decided that this was just going to be fun. A great first experience and a great opportunity for me to really show how passionate I am.”

As one of the minority of Icelanders living outside the capital, Hulda’s journey included a six hour trip to Reykjavik, a flight to London then on to Malaga, making it a total of 34 hours.

“Everything went just fine. Nothing was perfect but everything good enough. I had a slight problem with my deadlift suit. It was so tight because I was a bit too heavy. So I couldn't get enough balance so we had to lower the lifts.”

Her 210kg squat set a new Icelandic record. Next was bench press, where her lift of 125kg was another Icelandic record.

Last was deadlift. The tighter fit of the deadlift suit meant that her top lift was 180kg, lower than anticipated.

Despite this, Hulda also managed to break the national record for a competition total.

“Next up is just training harder” said Hulda. “Eating better, sleeping better. I have couple of meets here in Iceland. The biggest is probably the cup I won last year in November, then hopefully next year I will compete again abroad.”

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