Vegan fights for the US Golden Gloves title

Cam, who has previously boxed at Super Heavyweight went into the first of four fights that stood between him and the finals of the Heavyweight division, winning 4-1. After a comfortable win in the next round he took on Pasadena-based Sonny Conto. “Most the fighters fight for the knockout” explained Cam “but this guy was a smart fighter and fought for the win”.

9 May 2017

The semifinal was an anti-climax; Cam’s opponent withdrew with an injury so Cam won by walkover and made the final. There he faced a New York heavyweight who many felt he was dominating, although Cam took a noticeable shot at the end of the second round.

“An inexperienced fighter would have tried to get that punch back. I knew I had dominated that round and that one punch wasn’t going to give him the round. If I would have tried to exchange at that point, that’s when I could have gotten hurt” said Cam. Instead he saw out the round and came out powerfully in the third round.

He went on to win 5-0, which suggests that the result was fairly clear, leaving the vegan motivational speaker and stand-up comic claiming yet another title.

Cam's in control

Cam was in contact with Great Vegan Athletes soon after the final, and told us he was pleased with how it had gone. “The tournament went really well for me…Saturday night in the finals was a great bout for me. I felt energized and was in control of the action”.

He went on to say that the scores in the final represented what had actually happened. “It wasn’t close at all. This guy is a big puncher and knocked most of his opponents out earlier this week. At weigh in, someone asked him what his plan was against me. He said he was going to knock me out. Once I knew that was his only plan, I knew I would win easily.”

The big Kansan has been doing some motivational speaking in schools as well as training, although he also admits his own motivation has been affected by missing out on the Olympics last year.

“I know I have to train and I dont want to overlook any competition but its hard to get excited anything after having the expectation of the Olympics. Its like having a Ferrari then losing your driver license. When you do get your license back you own a Prius. I mean…yeah, its great to be able to drive and I can still get from point A to point B but its just not as appealing anymore. And no, I don’t have much care to buy a Ferrari anymore.”

That didn’t stop him from gaining yet another title at the weekend.

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