Frans races the muddy forest tracks in the Belgian Nationals

As Covid-19 spread across Europe, mountain biker Frans Claes faced lockdown. The former Belgian champion, who competed in the Championships again just days ago, knew this was an opportunity to adapt and to help out.

Three dozen national titles for vegan runner

Vegan runner Andreas Vojta added to his 34 Austrian titles at the Nationals, proving his versatility as well as his quality.

Could you take Great Vegan Athletes to the next level?

Our site has already made an impact. We have over 140 elite athletes in a variety of sports. We’ve published hundreds of news article, bringing up to date news of titles and records to the world. We’re established in social media, and by partnering with vegan outreach programmes we’ve helped hundreds of people go vegan. We consistently achieve top rankings on search engines for popular search terms. But we want to do more.

Vegan runner runs world-leading 10,000m

Tricky training conditions as 2020 unfolds have not dented the ability of Andreas Vojta, who has completed a fantastic race in Switzerland.

Vegan runner is Europe’s fastest

Vegan runner Andreas Vojta currently finds himself top of the pile after recording the fastest outdoor  1500m of the season in Europe.

Transition to vegan with Challenge 22

Probably the leading reason Great Vegan Athletes was formed was to showcase the achievements of amazing vegans and to redress misconceptions.  Inevitably, the athletes inspire people to consider the benefits of veganism, and this is where our partnership with Challenge 22 is helping people make the transition.

Vegan boxing champ starts speaking course for athletes

Cam Awesome has opened up recently about some of the fights he’s taken on – before he gets in the ring to fight.

Elite vegan athletes ready to train you through the lockdown

Gyms are closed, classes are cancelled and millions of us can’t train or compete as we used to. Luckily some elite vegan athletes are available to assist with some training videos we can follow in our own homes.

Lockdown vegans take on big challenges

While millions of people are on lockdown, vegan athletes are finding inventive and resourceful ways to train. Three have turned their training into challenges to inspire others and raise some funds for good causes.

Olympic delay forces changes for vegan athletes

The Olympics, planned for just a few months’ time, will now not go ahead this year, and will be rescheduled for 2021. The postponement means that plans will change for hundreds of athletes, including four hopeful vegans.

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