Vegan Athlete Review of the Year 2023

2023 draws to a close and we've seen vegan athletes take national and world records as they run, cycle, lift, bodybuild and fight their way to national honours! Here are some of the highlights.

25 December 2023

Strength & Muscle

Anastasia Zinchenko broke national records with all her lifts at the Israeli national powerlifting championships. More here.

Powerlifter Dawid Kawka benched 170 kg to win the Polish nationals (more here).

Powerlifter Sahy Lalime beat her lifts from last years’ world championships in a qualifier for this year’s worlds (more here).

Sophia Ellis won the British Open powerlifting for the third time (more here).

Sahyuri Lalime took seventh at the World Powerlifting Championships (more here).

Sophia Ellis also competed at took 4th. She won bronze in bench, Gold in deadlift and broke the British and European deadlift records. She also broke the record for the British total (more here).

Bradie Crandall won the US powerlifting nationals and broke four state records (more here).

Katya Gorbacheva won the Lionesses Arise powerlifting competition (more here).

Bradie Crandall beat the state record for strongman key toss at a veg festival (more here).

The Vegan Strong PlantBuilt team competed at Mr America sports festival.  They took over 40 medal, most of them Gold, in sports including powerlifting, crossfit and strongman (more here).

Tom Butts became World Champion at the World Natural Strongman Championships, in the 90kg category (more here).

Bodybuilder Leah Coutts became Figure Pro Champion and Figure Classic Pro Champion at Ms Fitness Australia. A week later she was crowned PNBA Figure Classic Pro Champion and Women’s Physique Pro Champion. She then won two WNBF Pro Cards in a separate competition. More here.

77 year old powerlifter Pat Reeves beat the deadlift record for her category (more here).

Leah Coutts became world champion, winning Pro Figure Classic at the PNBA Natural Olympia.  (more here).

Hege Jenssen became European Champion in kettlebell in her Masters category (more here).

Running and endurance

Budjargal Byambaa ran 463 miles in a six day race to win by 60 miles (more here).

Ariel Rosenfeld won the Israeli national 24 hour race for the fourth time (more here).

Vegan Runners UK became the largest club in the UK parkrun series (more here).

Damian Hall won the gruelling 268 mile Spine race (more here).

Andreas Vojta won the Vienna City Half Marathon in one of the fastest ever national times at that distance (more here).

Lisa Gawthorne won Gold at the European Duathlon championships (more here).

Gareth Pritchard ran 160 miles in 24 hours to break four national records (more here).

Antonio di Manno won Europe’s longest non stop ultramarathon – for the third time (more here).

Naomi Mitchell won the Manchester Marathon and Reading Half Marathon (more here).

Budjargal Byambaa ran 768 miles to win the Sri Chinmoy 10 day race (more here).

Lisa Gawthorne won Gold at the World duathlon championships (more here).

Alberto Serrano won the 57 km Dino Trail ultra (more here).

Harvey Lewis won the 24 hour D3 ultramarathon (more here).

Frans Claes won the Belgian Mountainbike challenge (more here).

Antonio di Manno won the Champion of Champions Last Survivor race (more here).

Paul Youd completed the 106 km Isle of Wight ultramarathon – at age 85 (more here).

Alberto Serrano proved a quick recovery by taking category 2nd at the 72 km Transvulcania by UTMB (more here).

15 days later he won the 75 km Soplao in Cantabria (more here).

Three vegans trekked 880 km in a self supported trip on an unchartered Antarctic route (more here).

Runner Vlad Ixel took seven wins ahead of his race at the World Trail Running championships (more here).

Harvey Lewis broke his own US record in Last Survivor racing (more here).

Anabelle Broadbent won three Golds and set national records at the Puerto Rico Masters Athletics championships (more here).

Harvey Lewis completed his 12th consecutive 135 mile Badwater Ultramarathon (more here).

Mountainbiker Frans Claes won a two race European series to become Silvretta King (more here).

Lisa Gawthorne and her vegan team mate won medals at the British Masters athletics championships (more here).

She then went on to take medals at the European Masters athletics championships (more here).

Vegan Runners UK completed a million kilometres in UK parkrun events (more here).

Joe Camilleri won Silver at the World Age Group Marathon Championships (more here).

Antonio di Manno broke the Italian record in Last Survivor racing with a 75 hour run (more here).

Harvey Lewis broke the world record in Last Survivor racing, running 450 miles in 108 hours (more here).

Anabelle Broadbent won four Gold and three Silver medals at a multi continent international masters athletics event (more here).

Izzi Batt-Doyle qualified for the Olympics, running the 5th fastest Australian marathon time ever (more here).

Sandeep Kumar took category second in the 50 km UTMB Thailand (more here).


Swimmer Or Tal took four personal bests and a Euro qualifying time at the Israeli nationals. More here.

Basketballer Cleanthony Early broke the record for the Taiwan national league with 56 points in one game (more here).

Pro boxer Cheavon Clarke beat an experienced opponent to earn a title elimination fight (more here).

Lawrence Okolie retained his world boxing title against David Light (more here).

Jaime Clampitt-Hayes won her boxing match at Rhode Wars 3 (more here).

Or Tal won three medals and the Outstanding Swimmer award in a leading national event (click here).

Amateur boxer Ross McAllister became Scottish national champion (more here).

Ronin Hughues Sato won Silver in Longsword at the World Armoured fighting championships (more here).

Fencer Vivian Kong won the Columbian Grad Prix to regain her World #1 spot (more here).

Cheavon Clarke beat potential title challenger David Jamieson (more here).

Mirko Buchwald was awarded his 7th Dan in karate, one of the highest in the world (more here).

Basketballer Diana Taurasi because the first player in WNBA history to pass 10,000 points – with the second highest at less than 7500 (more here).

Boxer Jaime Clampitt-Hayes beat Josefina Vega (more here).

Bodybuilder SuzAnne Llano won two Gold medals in the Open category at ANFB Fitfest – aged 53 (more here).

Cheavon Clarke won the International Cruiserweight title (more here).

Speed skater Kristen Santos-Griswold entered three races at the Four Continents and won all three (more here).

Po Denman won the Thai title in Bare Knuckle Fighting (more here).

Cricketer Adam Zampa helped Australia win the World Cup and became the most successful Aussie world cup spin bowler of all time (more here).

David Meyer won his 10th world title in Brazillian Jui-Jitsu (more here).


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