Vegan victories at Masters Nationals in Puerto Rico

Veteran runner Anabelle Broadbent has competed at the Puerto Rico National Championships for the first time – and did not leave disappointed.

26 June 2023

She’s represented both Puerto Rico and the USA internationally before. This year she made a late decision to compete. The 55 year old started with the 5000 metres.

“My body was not acclimated!” said Anabelle, who was used to Pennsylvania which was 25 degrees cooler. She was also managing plantar fasciitis and aware she had more events to come. She took the win.

Next was the 800 metres; “whew! That was hard!” That was her second win of the meeting. Next was 1500 metres which was a convincing win and her third Gold.

“The races were not for time” Anabelle stresses. “The fact that I was running, fuelled by plants, at the age of 55 was a cultural shocker. Culturally, women in my generation were told not to run.”

This means that Anabelle has been able to pick up Puerto Rican records, although she is aware she’s done something else.

“My very presence at the event was a defying act. I am redefining what is possible for Hispanic/Latina Female Masters runners! Yes, you can run (and fast)! Yes, you can be strong! Yes, you can do so while eating only plants.”

Vegan runner

Anabelle has been vegan since 2010, motivated by health, animal cruelty and environmental damage. In her profession as a food scientist she has learned a lot about the supply of different foods and developed an understanding of their impacts.

To support her running she has recently been including more strength training alongside a weekly long run, intervals and a tempo run.

She’s about to start her half marathon training plan, and will racing over other distances too.

“I will be racing about 40+ races this year, from the 800 meters to the Half Marathon!”

As always Anabelle will be going about her training and competition with an infectious enthusiasm and we look forward to what’s next.