Vegan beats state strength record

Vegan Strongman Bradie Crandall – The Vegan Hercules - added something special to the Delaware VegFest with an attempt at the State Keg Toss record.

19 September 2023

The challenge involves throwing a beer keg over a high bar, and the record stood at 16 feet (4.88 metres).  Bradie beat it after clearing the bar at 16 feet 2 inches (4.93 m).  This wasn’t enough for the strongman and powerlifting champion, and he later cleared 17 feet (5.18 m).

It won’t stand as an official record because it was not in a sanctioned strongman competition, but Bradie felt it proved a point.

“I’ve demonstrated that I’m more than capable of breaking this record next time I do compete in a keg toss event within a sanctioned strongman competition” he says.

“I threw shotput and discus in high school so the throwing events in strongman have always interested me and I tend to do well at them. I also wanted to do something visually impressive for the audience at the Delaware Vegfest and I think launching a keg two stories into the air achieved that.”

Bradie is a Chemical Engineer who has recently been working on converting captured carbon into a vegan food source.  He’s also written a book about vegan powerlifting which draws on his engineering expertise and has multiple State powerlifting records.

“Being able to break this record at the Delaware VegFest felt incredible” he told Great Vegan Athletes. “Strongman today is rooted in the old circus performance traditions and I really enjoy bringing in that performance aspect to the sport. The crowd at the Delaware VegFest brought so much energy and I loved being able to put on a show for them. My hope is that this event helped to attract more positive attention to the sport and veganism as a whole.”

Bradie is also an enthusiastic member of the Vegan Strong PlantBuilt team and is just weeks away from a major team event at the Mr America sports festival where he’ll be competing in strongman.