Ross McAllister


Ross McAllister is an amateur boxer from Scotland competing in the light middleweight category.

He’s competed at the nationals, placing second in 2022 and taking the title in 2023. In 2023 Ross competed three times at the final including the final against a very accomplished boxer, who Ross beat unanimously on points (more here). He’s also won some regional competitions.

Ross also values the opportunity to travel and train along some of the greats in boxing.

Since New Year 2014 Ross has been vegan.

“That’s more than 8 year ago and counting” he says. It was a decision he made for ethical reasons.

“We adopted on a dog in September 2013 this changed how I looked at all animals” he says. “They have their own personalities just like us and so I went vegetarian almost right away and then made it my 2014 new year’s resolution to stop all animal products.”

Since then Ross’ competitive abilities have grown and nobody is concerned. “My coaches have no issue with my lifestyle and don’t really mention it but whenever they do they are always positive.”

Training is a commitment and he fits in one or two sessions five to six times per week. “I try to get in at least two runs, one sprint session, and one strength and conditioning session. The rest would be my boxing sessions made up of shadow boxing, pad work, bag work and sparring.”

This needs fuel.

“I eat a lot of fruit, mornings would be typically oats or bran flakes with plants milk, nuts and fruit. Lunch would be bagels, fruit, nut butter or a large sweet potato, vegetables, some tofu, and dinner is pretty much something similar.”

Clearly it’s working well for Ross and he is optimistic about the next stages. The win at the Scottish Nationals gives him the opportunity to compete against the leading boxers of Wales and England, which he’s looking forward to.

“The nationals will be a springboard for me and now I will have the opportunities to box internationally for my country I hope to do myself my family and my team proud.”


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