Seven wins then Vlad runs at the World Championships

Vlad Ixel has continued to collect medals and experiences at home and internationally.

10 June 2023

As 2023 unfolded he took seven victories from 10k to trail marathon distance.

Now he’s been competing at the World Trail Running Championships.  The 44 km route through the Austrian mountains includes an incredible 3246 metres of height gain.  It attracts teams from across the world, with hundreds of runners competing on the trails. Vlad lined up against had 158 runners in the men’s race.

Vlad completed the course in just over 5 hours.  He was the best placed of the Aussie runners.

Vlad has been vegan since Christmas 2012.  He once said:

“Sometimes I ask myself how come not everyone is vegan?  How come I never knew how good it is being vegan?  I wish everyone just gave it a go for a few days/weeks and see the difference for themselves.”