SuzAnne Llano


Natural Bodybuilder SuzAnne Llano started training seriously in 2009. Since then she’s entered over twenty competitions, taking wins and podium places. She's won the elite accolade of a Pro Card in three federations: the NGA, ANBF and NFF.

  • Pro Card holder with seven cards
  • Certified Master Trainer
  • 6 ISSA certifications

From early years SuzAnne was athletic, enjoying soccer and then turning to ballet. She danced professionally through her college years. After a divorce in 2009 bodybuilding became a focus and she has quickly been recognised for her physique. This has mainly been in Figure divisions, although in the Summer of 2017 she entered the Masters Bikini division in NPC Europa Orlando.

“I did enter – and won and placed second in a Masters Figure. It’s very hard to compete in the NPC and win as a Natural athlete although I do have several Figure wins in NPC, ANBF, and NGA. I had never considered competing in the drug tested natural divisions until meeting up with Greg [her then partner].”

In 2018 she won Figure Open at a Natural Fit Federation competition in Austin Texas. This earned her Pro Card in that organization. She adds this to the NGA Pro Card for winning the Domestic Figure Open at NGA Universe and the ANBF Pro Card from winning the Figure Open.

In 2023 we reported her entry in the ANBF Tampa FitFest where she won the Bikini and Open categories against much younger opponents (more here).

SuzAnne reminds us that all of her Pro Cards were won as a vegan.


“My proudest moments as a competitor have all come while being vegan” she says. “They were winning my Pro Cards in ANBF, NGA, and NFF. Also winning my NPC Bikini debut at Orlando Europa. I am also proud of earning 6 ISSA certifications and the elite title of Master Trainer.”

“It was only then did I understand the depth of suffering from factory farming as well as just how animal agriculture is killing our world and also the health benefits of eating a vegan diet.


SuzAnne turned vegan in 2015. “I became vegan three years ago after meeting Greg.”

SuzAnne’s former partner is Greg Moormann, an accomplished bodybuilder who is also featured on our site and has maintained a fantastic physique well into middle age. Greg has solidified his place as a vegan bodybuilder and natural competitor by having achieved all his success and only competing after the age of 50.

“He is very passionate about the unjust suffering of the animals. It was a rather easy switch after being around Greg and reading the China Study. It was only then did I understand the depth of suffering from factory farming as well as just how animal agriculture is killing our world and also the health benefits of eating a vegan diet.

“I was convinced that my life would be richer, fuller and more healthy if I no longer consumed animals. My prime motivation was my health and longevity of life. After studying vegan nutrition and reading many books on the health benefits of eating a plant based diet I was hooked on being the best version of me possible. That wasn’t possible if I were adding to the suffering and destruction.

“I have not consumed animals since and WONT!! Hopefully my journey will influence others to do the same.”

SuzAnne’s commitment is total and travel for competition or other reasons does not pose a problem.

Fuel for an active lifestyle

“My diet is very regimented. Every morning is croc pot steel cut oats with fresh fruit. We add hemp, pea, and brown rice protein powder to the oatmeal as well as turmeric, spirulina, cacao, ground flax and chia seeds, and hemp hearts. I also eat a lot of seitan that Greg makes as well as multiple grains, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, fresh fruits and veggies. As competitors we both eat a lot of fruit. We also eat a lot of fruit dispelling the the myth that fruit will make you fat. That is so far from the truth and laughable.”

Training clients and maintain a high level of activity, this fuel has be sufficient – and it is. SuzAnne is an advocate of consistency, and trains herself every day. She also trains clients on a daily basis. In addition to this she includes a five mile bike ride, tennis, swimming, running or a combination of these every day.

“We train this way daily, not some days, not when it’s convenient, EVERY DAY, even on vacation and work related travel.” At age 51 (in 2021), SuzAnne has achieved plenty. In maintaining an excellent athletic figure into her middle age, proved to others what is possible. However, she has plenty more to achieve.

“My future goals are to earn my Bikini Pro Card in multiple natural divisions, start online coaching and competition prep, and to continue to, as a couple, help others see the many benefits of veganism” she says.

With a well-managed diet and training plan, few would doubt that she will achieve it.


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