Greg Moormann


Greg Moormann has made an impressive impact on his sport of Natural Bodybuilding with numerous wins in Masters categories.

    • Pro Card holder with two federations
    • Unbeaten in Masters Bodybuilding
    • Winner in Open Category while aged over 50

He is a Pro card holder with both the NGA and ANBF associations, which are only awarded after having reached elite standard.

Multiple tournament wins

In 2015 Greg entered the NGA Night of Champions and walked away with no less than three victories.  He took first place in the Masters Physique (age 50+), first in the Novice Physique category and he also won the Open Physique Tall category.

During the same year he also won the Masters Physique category at the Florida State Natural competition.  2016 saw him enter the ABNF Florida Natural Championships where he won not only the Masters Physique 50+ but also the 40+ category. He also took first place in the Open Physique Tall category.

In May 2016 saw Greg entered the NPC Suncoast Naturals where he won both the 50+ and 40+ Masters Physique titles.  In August 2016 he entered the Naples Sports Festival and won first place by a large margin (read more here). Later that year her took first in the ANBF Caribbean Championships (read more here).

Unsurprisingly, Greg’s achievements have brought him the attention of others and he has been featured in Vegan Health & Fitness magazine three times and in Natural Muscle.  By 2017 he was starting to focus on aspects of training other than competition, having won competitions by clear margins.

“I have thrived on plant based foods and am leaner and more muscular than ever before.”

Finding vegan

For many years Greg was satisfied with his diet and had not seriously considered veganism. This all changed in the Summer of 2003 when he was influenced by an existing vegan. “I was dating a vegan that was a few years older than me and she was the healthiest and most beautiful human that I had ever known. This made me very curious. She never pushed her choices on me but she did ask me to read The China Study and to watch Forks Over Knives.

“I did so and I had thought previously that I was eating super healthy. I found out I had no option but to switch to a vegan diet.” The change went well.  “I have thrived on plant based foods and am leaner and more muscular than ever before.”

The change happened overnight and Greg is now a committed vegan who achieved all of his competition successes on his current diet. He counts his Pro Cards among his greatest achievements alongside winning the titles in the Florida Natural Championships.

Fuelling committed training

Veganism is now part of his lifestyle and he is entirely committed to it. Travelling poses some challenges but nothing that can’t be overcome. “I do my best to pack all the food that I will consume. I usually try to limit trips to 4 or 5 days for this reason.”

This just takes a bit of planning.

“I will even freeze food and pack in luggage when flying, I freeze oatmeal, vegan six-bean chili and a few other assorted meals in bulk. I always travel with my plant based protein blend for my oatmeal (pea, hemp, and pumpkin seed) as well as flax and chia seeds and hemp hearts. Sunflower butter and Mary’s Gone Crackers too.  And I will eat a lot of fruit when traveling.”

When at home he eats “a lot of steel cut oats with either apples and cinnamon or blueberries (every morning)”as well as “a lot of fruit, fresh veggies, cooked and raw as well as brown rice and seitan. I have been steaming my own seitan and I love it. I also make shakes with assorted greens and fruits.”  Greg gets some great nutrition from using all of the plant.  “I like to use beet leaves from fresh whole beats as well as spinach and kale.”

The attention to diet helps fuel Greg’s training, to which he is similarly committed.

“When I train I usually start by riding a bike 5 miles to the gym and then working one body part per day with glutes and abs alternated every other day.  I am usually in the gym for about an hour and 20 minutes.”

Having worked on his knowledge, Greg has a great understanding of what he needs to succeed and stay healthy, strong and injury-free. Greg says he is his own coach, gym and nutritionist.

The future

Greg wants to become an “elder voice and role model for vegan bodybuilding.”

He is also working on a career in fitness modeling and an online coaching business. “I am a certified Health/Nutrition Coach and specialize in weight loss and energy recovery as well as nutritional consulting.  I can always be reached through FB messenger, Greg Moormann NGA Pro. “

The prospects for Greg are good and we look forward to following him. He is also pleased to be running a column in Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine, covering nutrition and readers Q&A.

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