Vegan knight takes world Silver

Vegan fighter Ronin Hugues Sato is celebrating after taking Silver in the World Championships in one of the most unusual and awesome sport we've discovered.

5 May 2023

Ronin is an Armoured Combat Fighter.  He fights in full armour like a medieval knight.  They use full weapons and full force, he describes the sport as ‘dangerous and great fun’.

51 year old Ronin won the Silver in Long Sword which is based on duels.  They fight and score by points or when an opponent falls or loses hold of their weapon.  This was the first time the US had ever won a Long Sword medal.  The World Championships were in Czechia and featured teams from around the world.

He was subsequently knighted by another US knight, having been deemed worthy.  This is authorised and recognised by US Congress.

Ronin has been practicing the sport since watching on TV and joining a club. He also participated in group fights of 5, 12 and 30.

“Every man and boy I know with a martial arts interest always dreamed of fighting with swords” says Ronin.

Earlier this year (Ronin is in black):

Vegan knight

In December 2016 Ronin and his family went vegan.  This includes his wife Keri, a bodybuilder competing in the Masters Figure category, and two teenagers.

“It was within a week of seeing the movie ‘Forks over knives’ “.

“We also watched ‘The Game Changers’ and ‘Seaspiracy’.  We’re doing it for health, animal protection from cruelty and exploitation and do my part to save the planet environment and resources.”

Ronin says sleep has improved, and muscle recovery time reduced from three days of soreness to just one.   The 6′ 4” warrior also slimmed down to 195 lb – 89 kg – and found his energy was good.

“I keep up with men of 20,30 and 40 in combat…I am convinced my arteries are clearing up. I am known in armored combat for my gas tank.”

The name Ronin means ‘masterless Samurai’ and reflects his heritage, which is partly Japanese.  He hold a blackbelt in karate weaponry.

Check out his Instagram for more adventures.

Instagram: @roninsato

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