Vegan power takes US National win

Bradie Crandall has competed at the US National Championships – and left with records and a Gold medal.

No rest! Vegan runner tackles second epic ultra and makes the podium

Harvey Lewis has completed the seemingly impossible to complete his 12th consecutive Badwater Ultramarathon.

Vegan victories at Masters Nationals in Puerto Rico

Veteran runner Anabelle Broadbent has competed at the Puerto Rico National Championships for the first time – and did not leave disappointed.

Plant power, monster lifts, medals and records at the Powerlifting World championships

Vegan women have been busy at the World Championships, recording massive lifts amongst the world's best.

Vegan runner smashes his own record in ‘backyard’ ultra

Vegan runner Harvey Lewis has broken his own US record in the most gruelling of ultramarathon format.

‘Savage’ fighter wins a shot at the British title

Vegan boxer Cheavon Clarke continued his unbeaten professional career with an accomplished win over potential title challenger David Jamieson.

Seven wins then Vlad runs at the World Championships

Vlad Ixel has continued to collect medals and experiences at home and internationally.

Vegans make history in self-supported South Pole trek

Vegan runner makes quick recovery to take another win

Alberto Pelaez Serrano completed a demanding month with another ultramarathon win.

Vegan veteran completes another ultramarathon

Veteran runner Paul Youd is celebrating after completing the Isle of Wight ultramarathon.

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