Vegan champion takes two more medals at Euro champs

Lisa Gawthorne continued her fantastic year with more medals at the European Masters Athletics Championships.

1 October 2023

Earlier in 2023 Lisa bagged Gold in both the European and World Duathlon Championships.  Now she returned to running events.

First was the 5000 metres – her first track race ever at this distance.

“Weather was the biggest challenge today here – so hot and humid” Lisa said.   “At 800m the most violent rain storm made its way onto the track. Easily the hardest conditions I’ve ever ran in and all the girls are of such a good standard.” 

Lisa fought hard to make the podium in third place.

“I am so over the moon, my first GB masters track race on the international circuit!”

Next was the 10 k road race.

“This really was the harshest, hottest, hardest race I can remember. Just when I thought nothing could beat the pain of the 5000m, this one was character building!! It was 26°, not much shade and a whole lot of dog leg turns that seemed to go on forever! I raced every second from start to finish and really did have to work at it.”

Lisa took another Bronze.  She was the first British woman to finish across all age categories and 5th overall.

Vegan power

At age 6 Lisa turned vegetarian, and vegan at 21.  She’s now in her 40s and has represented Great Britain several times.

“I also love seitan, tofu, some of the new Quorn vegan products, Dees wholefoods vegan sausages, nuts, seeds and pulses as my staple foods. I add loads of veggies to most meals and tend to keep things fairly functional and green – broccoli, kale and spinach are my three go to green options. In addition to this, I love quinoa, spelt and teff grain as my carb sources.”

Lisa’s now enjoying her rest week although we can always expect more from her!