Vegan runner picks up triathlon win

Ultradistance runner Vlad Ixel continues to make the transition to triathlon with a 4:41 time in the Davao 70.3 Ironman which gave him another age category win.

Vegan BJJ Master takes another Gold

David Meyer has continued to compete and take more titles, and despite being aged 55 shows no signs of slowing down.

The ‘Vascular Vegetarian’ takes wrestling Grand Slam!

He’s been known as ‘The Vascular Vegetarian’ and ‘The Most Valuable Vascular Vegetarian’ – and simple World Heavyweight Champion.

Vegan Vlad’s crazy schedule of wins and records

Coming out of an intense stretch with twelve races in eight weeks, the focus has been on speed not distance.

Vegan Viking takes two more records

“I was dissatisfied with my results” she told our site. “We weren't aiming high for this meet but you know how it is. Always hungry.”

Vegan skater adds a Winter Olympic bronze

Vegan skater Meagan Duhamel has added to her medals with a bronze medal in the Winter Olympics.

Vegan lifter takes US record but plans much more

Powerlifter Yolanda Presswood was left with mixed emotions following her recent record breaking powerlifting meet.

Gold at Winter Olympics for vegan skater

Vegan figure skater Meagan Duhamel has already earned a Gold medal at the Winter Olympics with a solid performance which leaves Canada in top place in the team event.

13 year old vegan takes State title

Thirteen year old vegan Cody Elkins has won the California State Junior Racquetball Championships in the doubles. Playing with his partner from the Junior Olympics, Camila Gomez, he won the intermediate division, undefeated.

Clone of One hundred tropical miles for vegan runner

As he approaches ten years vegan, Yassine Diboun has took on the Hurt 100 race and showed why he is one of the most respected Ultradistance runners in America.

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