72 year old vegan Pat takes another world record

Vegan weightlifter Pat Reeves has no plans to retire as she continues to lead the world and prove her durability. The veteran has just broken her own World deadlift record in the 70-74 year, under 53kg category. Competing in Malta she lifted 85.5 kg to increase her own record by just 0.5 kg.

6 September 2018

“Next I need 86 kg at the 2019 National Singles and 86.5 kg at the 2019 World Singles in Orlando” Pat told our site. “For sure, it’s getting tougher to maintain this one kilo each year increase within current five year age category, especially as I’m still struggling with ongoing problems from Spring multiple surgeries.”

Pat was diagnosed as terminally ill in 1977 and has combatted the cancer with an extremely healthy lifestyle including a vegan diet. Recently this has included a decreasing amount of foods.

“I eat very little nowadays, I juice a lot and obviously using living foods. I tend to eat around four days each week and remain on vegetable/living food juices for remainder. Vegan-ketogenic great for me!”

Pat has also overcome a significant change caused by the loss of vision in her right eye, which was a risk from surgery. "It’s been a big learning curve – my balance massively hit, though I’m at terms with it now.”

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