Hulda is Great Vegan Athlete of the Year 2017!

Voters have awarded this years’ Great Vegan Athlete of the Year award to powerlifter Hulda B Waage.

Vegan Athletes in the news 2017

By her own standards, last years’ Great Vegan Athlete of the Year Meagan Duhamel had a less successful year. After two years as World Champion the Canadian pairs figure skater didn’t retain her title although she did retain her Skate Canada International title twice in the year. She won her fifth title at the start of 2017 (read more here) and an incredible sixth in October (more here)

Vegan powerlifting records in the home of strength sports

Vegan Viking and Icelandic powerlifting champion Hulda B Waage has taken the Icelandic Cup by storm.

European Savate Champs is the latest fight for James

James Southwood has been fighting for years. He competes in Savate, a French kick-punch sport which incorporates kicking and boxing.

Epic multi island race challenge for Rich Roll

At age 50 Rich Roll is ten years on from the 40th birthday when he acknowledged that his abuses of his body were taking an awful toll on his health. He went vegan, trained and became one of the most accomplished endurance athletes in the world.

Season finale sees four medals for British bodybuilder

Julia Hubbard has been competing again, this time at the pinnacle event of the IPL (International Physique League) season. She competed against other athletes in Sacremento, California, who had like Julia, won or placed at IPL shows during the year.

305kg total for Julia at World Championships

Julia Trezise has been competing in the World Drug Free powerlifting Championships.

Vegan Monk takes Body Building Pro card

“I am a personal trainer, meditation instructor, and motivational speaker” says Joe. “I live in the Bay area (California) I'm down with and for the underdog in life. I understand without helping other beings to get the same opportunities (animals included) in life then we won't be able to have the world filled with peace, love, and compassion.”

Vegan Julia’s medal collection grows

Julia Hubbard has been competing in the US again and with more success.

Vegan Powerlifter at World Championships

Julia went to the World Championships for the first time with ambitious targets.

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