Out of hours vegan eats help vegan Neil Robertson on the road

After winning the Welsh Open and making a fantastic fourth maximum 147 break, vegan snooker ace Neil Robinson is reflecting on how much easier it is to eat vegan.

23 February 2019


The Australian – one of only two players from outside the UK and Ireland to win the World Championship – is climbing the rankings after a relatively difficult period.

“Obviously it felt great to win and add a second world ranking title to the season putting me at provisionally #3 in the world” Neil told Great Vegan Athletes. “So my ranking is definitely heading in the right direction after a tough couple of years away from the table.”

For many vegan sportspeople, travelling and competing poses an additional challenge as they’re away from home and don’t have their normal cooking and food preparation facilities.

“I think the last year has been amazing for a vegan travelling compared to any other years because of a huge boom in vegan menus across the board at restaurants and companies like Deliveroo and Uber Eats” he says. “A lot of the time I can finish a match not suitable to restaurant hours so it’s been a huge boost to me this season not always having to rely on having food stocked up in the hotel room!”

When eating at home he has more control and options.  A few years ago he told us how important his smoothies were, and that remains the case.

“My usual 5-6 banana, blueberry smoothie I take to practice with me in the morning which keeps me going all day. Snack for afternoon can be anything really, I like the wicked kitchen range and sometimes just have a small pizza as their range is amazing!

“I’ve also discovered the new beyond meat burger which is just insane and a huge hit in the house but obviously not a go to every day.”

“Usually dinner is a vegan spag bol, carbonara, curry or peas mashed potato with Linda McCartney vegan sausages. Over the last year there have been so many things to try out!”

As Neil’s return to the top continues we see that in his post-win interview he said he was hoping for a second World Championship – we wish you well, Neil!

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