Vegan Power! 2018 Review of the year.

During 2018 we’ve brought you news of vegan athletes achieving amazing things – in so many different ways.

Records fall for Iceland’s vegan powerlifter

Hulda B Waage has broken and re-broken the national powerlifting records several times, and seems to have no plans to stop. She’s just competed in Iceland where she continued to set ambitious goals – and hit them.

Vegan shines in the European Championships

Lisa has just returned back from racing in the Cross Duathlon European Championships in Ibiza. The run-bike-run race was set it the very pretty yet undulating coastal resort of San Miguel on the northeast side of the island. The first run was 6.3km across cliff edges, coastal drops and sandy beach front settings followed by 18km on the bike largely in the mountain side forest and featured an impressive 25% incline climb which had to be completed on the route three times. The final run was 4.2km in the same setting as the first run.

Vegan veteran lifter snatches more records

Earlier this year we brought you news of Glenda Presutti and her record breaking lifts. The Australian veteran has not stopped, and continues to fight against a variety of injuries as she takes more records.

Vegan Alister storms Bromont Ultra

Last year Alister Gardner put in an amazing performance at the Bromont Ultra. The event has races at various distances, and Alister had a convincing win at the longest 160 km distance (which was reported here). With enormous 6000 metre height gain, this really was a hard course by anyone’s standards.

Toughest challenge yet for Fiona Oakes

Running challenges don’t come much tougher than this. The Atacama crossing is a 6-stage race covering 250 km (155 miles) across an enormous plateau in Chile. It offers a variety of challenging terrains, with nearly 1700 metres of height gain, starting at an altitude of 3200 metres.

Epic milesone beckons for vegan running legend

It’s difficult to read anything about Catra Corbett without discovering something amazing, although her upcoming statistical achievement is taking things to the next level.

Epic cycle trip brings veganism to the streets

Paolo has always been a proud ambassador for veganism, and in taking podium finishes on top level endurance races, the Italian cyclist has inspired others to think positively about veganism.

Vegan runner completes third Spartathlon

The Spartathlon is known as one of the toughest footraces known to man. Ariel had already completed it twice when he signed up for this year’s event, which threw fresh challenges his way.

Four lifting records fall as vegan powerlifting champ competes in Europe

A demonstration of vegan power at the Western European Powerlifting Championships saw Hulda B Waage break four of her own Icelandic records – yet she is confident more is to come.

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