Katya Gorbacheva powerlifter strong vegan

Katya Gorbacheva is a USA powerlifter competing with USAPL and USPL. She has transitioned from the bikini and figure categories of bodybuilding with fantastic success. Competing in the 75 kg category (raw), she has squatted 165 kg, benched 87.5 kg and deadlifted 172.5 kg. Her competition total stands at 425 kg.

Leah Coutts bodybuilder

Leah has taken to competitive bodybuilding with rapid successes. In early 2022 she saw an intense three month period of competition. She won a Pro card with Ms Fitness Australia in Figure Classique. Leah then followed this with a Pro win at the nationals. This qualified Leah for Miami and the Fitness Universe competition where she again won the Pro class. The win gave her the title of Figure Universe Champion.

Greg Lachance bodybuilder

Greg Lachance has become a leading bodybuilder in Canada. Aged 45 (in 2022) he has competed in some hard-fought categories and taken a Pro Card with the IFBB.

Izzi Batt-Doyle runner

Izzi is an accomplished distance runner who has won honours in Australia and represented her nation internationally.

Micky Papa skater

Micky Papa is a Canadian skateboarder, known for his successes in the street discipline.

Samantha Taylor cyclist fighter runner

Samantha is a British athlete accomplished in Taekwondo and triathlon, representing her nation in both sports.

Cheavon Clarke fighter

Cheavon was born and raised in rural Jamaica, and has become an internationally recognised boxer representing Great Britain.

Vivian Kong fighter

Vivian has been a trailblazer in her sport of fencing, taking honours across the world.

Deandre Jordan basketball player

Deandre is an established player in the NBA, representing Los Angeles Lakers. He was the 35th pick of the 2008 draft, aged 20.

Or Tal swimmer

Or Tal has been enthusiastically competing in swimming – and taking national honours.

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