Kevin Selker cyclist

Kevin Selker is an American track cyclist. Kevin has competed in sprint events for a number of years.  From age 20 (2005) has been recording placings at national collegiate level.

Zak Covalcik cyclist

Zak Covalcik is a track cyclist competing at US national level.

Dustin Watten volleyball player

Dustin Watten is a member of the US national volleyball team. He is now an established member of the team and has travelled with them to high-level competition, helping them towards team successes.

Ida Andersson rower

Ida is a Swedish  national level rower who has competed in teams at national and international level.

Peter Siddle cricketer

Peter is a cricketer who has bowled for Australia, Essex and Victoria.

Cam Awesome fighter

Cam Awesome is a super heavyweight and heavyweight American amateur boxer with numerous titles. 

Yassine Diboun runner

Yassine Diboun is an ultra distance runner of Moroccan/American descent who lives in America.

Neil Robinson soccer/football player

Neil grew up in Merseyside, (North West England), which is an area known for its fanatical following of soccer.  Born in Liverpool within a hundred metres of the Everton Football Club ground, he grew up supporting the club.  Despite his school concentrating on rugby he always had ambitions to play professional football.

Seba Johnson skier vegan from birth

Seba Johnson is a Winter Olympian who has represented The United States Virgin Islands in the Slalom event and also the Giant Slalom.

Leilani Munter motor sports competitor

Leilani Munter is an American racing driver and environmental activist.

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