James Southwood fighter vegetarian from birth

James Southwood is an expert instructor and champion fighter in Savate. Savate (pronounced "Suh-vat") is a dynamic sport that combines movements from English boxing and French kicking. He is a multiple Great British Champion, 2008 World Bronze Medallist, European Silver Medallist (twice), 2016 World Vice-Champion, and 2014 World Champion.

Jim Morris bodybuilder

Jim Morris was a bodybuilder who has had an amazing career well into his older years. In the picture above he is aged 61.

Harri Nieminen fighter

Former World Champion Harri travelled to Thailand to win the 1997 Thai Boxing title at 60kg. He beat the US champion in the semi and the Thai champion in the final.

Tonya Kay

"I became a vegetarian twenty years ago and a vegan eleven years ago. Just before going raw (two and a half years ago) I would have called myself a "whole food" vegan, eating no refined flours or sugars and nothing with more than three ingredients."

Patrik Baboumian bodybuilder powerlifter strong vegan strongman/strongwoman

Patrik was born in Iran and lives in Germany. In 1999 aged 20 he won the German Junior Bodybuilding title.

Meagan Duhamel figure skater

Canadian Meagan Duhamel has skated singly and in pairs, although she is best known for skating in pairs. She has seven national titles, three Winter Olympic medals and seven national titles.

Spencer Pumpelly motor sports competitor

Spencer is established as one of the most successful drivers in North American race car driving.  He has been competing at the top level for over twenty years.  Spencer scored wins in the American Le Mans series and the Grand-Am Rolex Series.  He has two GT class wins at the prestigious Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona.

Andy Lally motor sports competitor

Andy Lally is a world class racing driver who has achieved historic all-time milestones.

Taryn Terrel

Ranked 38th nationally (USA) in 2010, competing under the name 'Diva Tiffany'. She also is a manager and commentator, and has been a successful model.

Alexander Dargatz bodybuilder

Alex shot to fame in December 2005 when he won the World Champion Fitness title with WFF (World Fitness Federation). Five years before this he had become vegan in response to the cruelty of the animal food industries.

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