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Madi Serpico is a Triathlete who at age 21 (in 2014) has already competed nationally and in international competition.

Results include 15th at the International Edmonton World Cup, 2012, 13th in the 2012 Pan American Cup (Magog) and 10th in the Canadian National Championships.  In April 2013 she was ranked as the 6th woman under 23 in Canada.  Career highlights also include a Bronze at the Xterra World off-road triathlon and winning the Wildflower Triathlon under 19 category four times. She’s also won the 20- 24 category twice, placing as 4th female in 2013.  In 2010 she was named Off-Road Triathlete of the year.  In 2013 she was named Alberta under 23 Athlete of the Year.

  • Named off-road triathlete of the year
  • Won age category at the Wildflower triathlon six times
  • Bronze at the Xterra World off-road triathlon
  • 15th at the 2012 Edmonton World Cup

The triathlon is a demanding endurance event, with the Olympic distance starting with a 1500m swim, followed by a 40k cycle and a 10k run.  Madi trained a lot as a child in running and didn’t consider herself a strong swimmer.  She trained hard at this with a swimming club, putting in 6-8 sessions a week for 2 years.  As a result her swimming is now at the same level as World Cup competitive triathlete.  Cycling developed fairly quickly for her, making her an overall successful triathlete.

Finding vegan

Most of the time athletes are jealous of my food choices and what foods I make.

Madi is vegan and gluten-free, turning vegetarian at age 16 and then vegan in late 2012. “I did some research and watched Forks over Knives and Earthlings and decided that I didn’t want any part of animal cruelty, not to mention putting poison in my body.” 

Veganism has not been a difficult concept to introduce to her coach, as she was already vegan and encouraging a natural diet, eliminating things like sugary sports drinks.  Among other athletes there is curiosity.

“Most people I train with aren’t vegan athletes but it doesn’t bother them as much. I just get a lot of the same questions like ‘how do you get your protein?’ I have a detailed response now that I give them on what plants have more protein than meat and why I am a vegan athlete. Most of the time athletes are jealous of my food choices and what foods I make.”

Madi eats a lot of kale, various fruits and one of the densest sources of calories – avocados.

The future

Madi has since married vegan American footballer Griff Whalen and has started a family. She has  become a successful social media presence and has brought veganism to more people in this way.

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