SportVegan cyclists

The endurance and fitness needed for elite level cycling can be built on a vegan diet and there are numerous world class competitive vegan cyclists. This includes track cyclists, BMX, cyclo-cross and road cycling.

Samantha Taylor cyclist fighter runner

Samantha is a British athlete accomplished in Taekwondo and triathlon, representing her nation in both sports.

Frans Claes cyclist

Belgian Mountain Biker Frans Claes competes nationally and internationally, and is established as a leading biker in his sport.

Melissa Sundermann cyclist runner

Melissa Sundermann, has been competing in cycling, running and multisport events - completing epic distances at elite times.

Borja Perez Batet cyclist runner

Borja Ignacio Perez Batet is a multisport athlete from Spain who competes internationally. He’s competed in the European and World Duathlon Championships, taking the 30-34 age group World title in 2016.

Adam Hansen cyclist

Adam is a retired cyclist who has travelled the world to participate in top cycling events.

Paolo Barbon cyclist

Paolo is an Italian cyclist known for his long distance cycling events. He competes in mountain biking and loves races of up to 24 hours.

Lisa Gawthorne cyclist runner

Lisa is established as an active multisport athlete, representing Team GB in Duathlon and competing for European and World honours.

Stefhan Andersen cyclist runner swimmer

Swedish national triathlon champion Stefhan Andersen celebrates a decade as a vegan this year, having turned vegan in 2007.

Johanna Jahnke cyclist rugby player

Johanna has made an impact in two major sports since turning vegan. Following a successful period in which she captained her rugby union club team FC St. Pauli twice, she has established herself as a world class fixedgear cyclist.

Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches cyclist runner

Antoine is a Canadian multisport athlete specialising in triathlon. His strongest distance is 70.3, known as half ironman.  This is a 1.9 km (1.2 mile) swim, 90 km (56 mile) cycle and a 21.1km (13.1 mile) run.

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