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Borja Ignacio Perez Batet is a multisport athlete from Spain who competes internationally. He’s competed in the European and World Duathlon Championships, taking the 30-34 age group World title in 2016.

  • World and European Duathlon Championships duathlon competitor
  • World Age Group Duathlon Champion, 2016
  • San Silvestre Vellcana Amateur winner

Borja has also run 10k in an extremely competitive 29:25. Among his results were a win in the San Silvestre Vallecana Amateur in 2017, a race with 45,000 runners.

“It felt weird eating meat so I quit itI decided to go vegan right away in couple days.”

Vegan Runner

Borja has achieved all his major results as a vegan, having made the change from meat eating in 2009. “It felt weird eating meat so I quit it” Borja told Great Vegan Athletes “and reading a lot of things about veganism and animals, I decided to go vegan right away in couple days.”

It’s something he has committed to, and never eats any animal products, including while he’s travelling.

It’s a way of life that never lets him down. After years of determined endurance training and competing, he’s changing his focus – although there is still a focus on distance. He’s now using his bike less and running more, as he trains for marathon.

“Probably I will do duathlon again in some years” Borja told us in 2019 “but for now I will love to train for marathon.”

‘Don’t Eat Animals’

Nobody that Borja trains with is surprised or concerned because after ten years of veganism, they are all used to it. He eats a lot of tofu, and feels his diet is “perfect”.

His Instagram shows him wearing his ‘No Como Animales’ shirt, which he was given by his friend, Spanish vegan runner Alberto Palaez Serrano.

We’ll be watching Borja’s progress and bringing you more news as he competes again.

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