Cam Newton american footballer

Cam Newton is a quarterback, playing American football in the USA’s NFL for the New England Patriots. He’s become established as one of the players of his generation with some fantastic NFL records.

Budjargal Byambaa runner

Budjargal Byambaa is an ultradistance runner who runs extreme distance events over several days. In doing so he covers enormous distances at impressive speeds.

Hollie Kempton powerlifter strong vegan

Hollie is an incredibly strong powerlifter who has achieved some amazing lifts. Competing in the ~48kg category, she has squatted 105kg and benched 60kg. Her deadlift is over three times her bodyweight at 155kg.

Elena Congost runner

Elena competes in track and field, representing Spain in the Paralympics in 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016. Born with a degenerative visual condition, she qualifies for the T12/B2 categories.

Kane Richardson cricketer

Making his mark on cricket in his home nation of Australia and abroad, Kane has become a hot property. He's sought after in the exciting short forms of the game and has become a household name. The right-arm medium-fast bowler has represented his nation in 25 One Day Internationals (ODIs) and 35 T20 matches (as of June 2023). He's also broken into the prestigious Indian Premier League (IPL), playing four seasons.

Dawid Kawka strong vegan powerlifter

Dawid Kawka is a Polish powerlifter who made his mark on the 2020 National Championships with some enormous lifts.

Lewis Hamilton motor sports competitor

Lewis Hamilton is established as the leading Formula One driver of his generation and one of the all-time greats. He's taken numerous wins and Championships.

Ana Cufer runner

Ana Cufer is recognised as a world class runner in one of the most demanding of disciplines – mountain running.

Massimo Leopardi swimmer

Massimo Leopardi is known as someone who has worked hard to promote veganism in Italy through education – and by example as an internationally competitive athlete.

Fia Kamlund strong vegan powerlifter

Fia Kamlund has built up some amazing strength to bring her success in powerlifting. Competing in the 84kg category in both raw and equipped categories she has achieved a 430 kg raw total in competion and 512.5kg equipped.

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