Lewis Hamilton motor sports competitor

Lewis Hamilton is established as the leading Formula One driver of his generation and one of the all-time greats. He's taken numerous wins and Championships.

Ana Cufer runner

Ana Cufer is recognised as a world class runner in one of the most demanding of disciplines – mountain running.

Massimo Leopardi swimmer

Massimo Leopardi is known as someone who has worked hard to promote veganism in Italy through education – and by example as an internationally competitive athlete.

Fia Kamlund strong vegan powerlifter

Fia Kamlund has built up some amazing strength to bring her success in powerlifting. Competing in the 84kg category in both raw and equipped categories she has achieved a 430 kg raw total in competion and 512.5kg equipped.

Wilson Chandler basketball player

Established in the NBA, basketball’s Wilson Chandler is recognized as an entertaining and effective player capable of making a great contribution to his team’s performance.

John Rush american footballer

John Rush is an American footballer established, playing fullback for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Kim Best strong vegan strongman/strongwoman

Kim Best has taken on the challenging and at times brutal sport of strongwoman with determination. She has quickly made an impression. She lives in Scotland, home of the Highland Games.

Diana Taurasi basketball player

Diana Taurasi is a national and international women’s basketball player who has achieved amazing things across a fulfilling career.

Hege Jenssen strong vegan

Hege Jenssen is a pro-level kettlebell competitor who has competed in her native Norway as well as in international competition. She’s done particularly well in Snatch, and on her debut in the professional class took 5th at the World Championships. Hege has also taken the bronze medal at the European Championships.

Sahy Lalime powerlifter strong vegan

Sahyuri (Sahy) Lalime is an accomplished Belgian powerlifter with Japanese-American roots, She has competed nationally and internationally, achieving fantastic totals.

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