Naomi Mitchell runner

Naomi is a runner who has rapidly improved to become a nationally recognised force over 5k up to marathon distance.

Ana Stefulj runner

Ana Stefulj is a vegan runner who has made a big impact on distance running at national level and internationally.

Juanjo Larrotcha runner

Juanjo Larrotcha is an ultra distance runner who continues to excel in the most demanding of races well into middle age.

Itir Atadiyen runner

Itir Atadiyen is an extremely successful mountain runner and sky runner in her home nation of Turkey.

Veronique Cormier powerlifter

Veronique Cormier has established herself as a leading powerlifter in her home nation of Canada.

Mirsad Abdakovic runner

Mirsad is one of a large and growing number of extreme distance athletes competing internationally on a vegan diet.

Anabelle Broadbent runner

Anabelle is an American long distance runner born in Puerto Rico who has competed at all levels in Masters running over a range of distances.

Unsal Arik fighter

Unsal is a Turkish boxer who currently lives in Germany and fights at Super Welterweight. Since he gave up meat he has become the IBF European Champion and WBF World Champion. Later he turned vegan and since then has won the IBF European title twice, WBC Asia title and the BDB International German title.

Alina Drozdov runner

Alina is a successful track athlete competing at national level in her home nation of Israel, and internationally.

David Verburg runner

David has become a high profile athlete in track and field, competing internationally. He has competed over several distances with most success over 400 metres individually and in 4 x 400 metres relay. In the 2016 Rio Olympics he helped the US team to the Gold medal. He’s also been part of three gold medal winning relay teams at the World Championships.

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