Fiona Oakes runner

Marathon des Sables is known as the toughest footrace on earth. When is starts on April 5th 2012 vegan marathon champion Fiona Oakes will be attempting to be the first known vegan woman to complete the course.

Kelly Colobella strong vegan american footballer

Kelly Colobella is known for her strength and fitness. She's played in women's semi-professional (full tackle) American football since 2000. In that time Kelly has become a key team member of Utah Falconz, who play in the US National League. She's played a part in contending for the National Championship four times, winning twice.

SuzAnne Llano bodybuilder

Natural Bodybuilder SuzAnne Llano started training seriously in 2009. Since then she’s entered over twenty competitions, taking wins and podium places. She's won the elite accolade of a Pro Card in three federations: the NGA, ANBF and NFF.

Kuntal Joisher climber vegetarian from birth

Kuntal is an Indian mountaineer who has pushed the boundaries in his sport with some amazing climbs.

Niki Kelly skier

Niki Kelly is a professional snowboarder who lives in rural Canada where she pursues her passions of nature, photography and of course snowboarding. Living in her van with her partner Mitch and dog Nelson, she explores new zones on her sled and on foot, as well as competing.

Glenda Presutti strong vegan powerlifter

Coming to powerlifting relatively late in life has not stopped Glenda Presutti from taking the sport by storm and rapidly emerging as a force recognised nationally and beyond.

Paolo Barbon cyclist

Paolo is an Italian cyclist known for his long distance cycling events. He competes in mountain biking and loves races of up to 24 hours.

Marc-Olivier Brouillette american footballer

Marc-Olivier Brouillette is an American Football player who played in the Canadian National Football League. Playing as a Linebacker or Safety, the 185 cm (6ft 1) vegan has enjoyed a long career in the sport.

Anastasia Zinchenko bodybuilder powerlifter strong vegan

Anastasia Zinchenko has been competing in powerlifting for several years, recording some high profile placings and impressive totals. She’s competed in the 63kg and 72 kg weight classes, and taken regional UK titles, national placings - and competed internationally.

Calle Alexander freerunner/ninja

Calle has been taking on some of the most difficult courses on American Ninja Warrior, reaching the national finals on several occasions.

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