Zack Belknap bodybuilder

Zack Belknap is a pro-card holding bodybuilder and NASM certified personal trainer and from Eugene, Oregon. He has been awarded a WNBF Pro Card after impressive performances at regional level.

Adam Hansen cyclist

Adam is a veteran cyclist who has travelled the world to participate in the top cycling events.

Anthony Mullally rugby player

Anthony Mullally is a retired Rugby League professional who has played in the English and Canadian leagues and internationally for Ireland.

Nick Squires strong vegan powerlifter

Nick Squires is an accomplished powerlifter who competes in the raw divisions in California, USA and internationally.

Dean Maher climber

Dean Maher recently stood on the top of Everest having planned to do it a year later and changing plans. It marked the culmination of some extreme fitness training,

Hector Bellerin soccer/football player

Hector has become a household name in his native Spain and in the United Kingdom as he has established himself as an internationally recognised footballer.

Nimai Delgado bodybuilder vegetarian from birth

Nimai grew up in Mississippi raised by Argentinian-immigrant Hare Krishna parents. He has been vegetarian since birth, initially for religious reasons, and has never eaten meat

Bryant Jennings fighter

Bryant Jennings is one of the leading heavyweight boxers in the world, with an impressive international record including two title challenges.

Jehina Malik bodybuilder vegan from birth

Jehina has been competing in bodybuilding since age 19. She is now recognised as an accomplished competitor with an impressive physique.

Maayan Eliasi bodybuilder

Maayan Eliasi is an Israeli bodybuilder who has broken into international competition and won her Pro Card.

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