Sophia Ellis


Sophia is an accomplished powerlifter with multiple successes nationally and internationally.

She is a three-time British Champion and one-time European Champion.  Sophia has competed at the World Championships three times, finishing fourth in 2023 and breaking a European record as well as her own British record.  She’s also competed at the World Benchpress championships and the Arnold Sports Festival.

Competing at 76 kg unequipped, her personal bests include a 177.5 kg squat, 122.5 kg bench and a 245 kg deadlift.

The squat was at the 2023 British Open where she also broke her own deadlift record and the British total record twice (read more here).

Later in 2023 she competed at the IPF World Championships where she competed at 76 kg where she won benchpress bronze and deadlift Gold.  She broke the British and European deadlift records and the British total record (more here).

Journey to vegan

Sophia was not always vegan, although she has been throughout her powerlifting career.  Before she competed she struggled with eating disorders and this took its toll on her health.

In 2011 she turned vegan and things got better.

“To start with, it was due to health reasons; I’m lactose intolerant and wanted to start reducing my meat consumption. But the more I looked into veganism, the more my eyes opened to the ethical and environmental side of this lifestyle – which completely sold it to me.

“I didn’t need to eat or use animal products to survive, so why put animals through unnecessary suffering? It just didn’t sit right with me that we are causing so much damage to the environment and the animals just for our own convenience.

“Once I made the switch, I found that my body really thrived off it! I also became more conscious of what I was putting into my body and how small changes in my lifestyle could have a big impact.”

Now working as a personal trainer she is known for her tremendous successes.

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