James Wilks

James Wilks is a MMA fighter who is best known to many as winner of the Ultimate Fighter. Trained in traditional striking martial arts, James holds a Black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a Brown belt in Brazilian Jui Jitsu.

Fiona Oakes completes Marathon des Sables

Taking on Marathon des Sables is a challenge enough for even the most accomplished of athletes, but Fiona has overcome further challenges and still completed this astounding undertaking.

Meagan wins Gold in Canada!

Meagan Duhamel took part in the Canadian nationals this January, winning Gold after a successful routine with her partner Eric Radford. Although this is only their second season together they scored 129.19, which places them among the top teams internationally.

Fiona Oakes takes on ‘World’s Toughest Footrace’

In April 2012 Fiona Oakes will start Marathon des Sables. As well as the heat, extreme terrain and distance, Fiona will have to carry water, all her food, supplies and clothing.

Jake Shields wins in Japan

Jake Shields was included as a featured athlete although we now recognise that he is not vegan. Please read more about this here.

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