Auryn MacMillan basketball player

Auryn is established as a National League Basketball professional playing in Australia and the UK. He is a power forward known for his high energy.

Denis Mikhaylove runner

Denis was born in Russia and moved to New York, USA in 2006. He moved to New York to develop a career in finance but by 2010 he had given it up to pursue one in health and fitness.

Heather Mills winter sports

High profile for her work as an entrepreneur and a campaigner as well as her sporting life, Heather Mills is known as one of the leading athletes globally in her sport of downhill skiing.

Cody Elkins racquetball player vegetarian from birth

With a supportive family who love sport Cody Elkins has become a noted vegan athlete at an early age.

Melody Schoenfeld strong vegan powerlifter

Success in powerlifting has given Melody Schoenfeld’s records at State and National level. The petite American has shown enormous strength in kettlebell, old time strongman challenges such as bar bending. 

Neil Robertson snooker player

Neil is a former World Champion player who has topped the international snooker rankings.  He is also one of the best known and highest achieving players in snooker.

Damian Stoy runner

Ultradistance runner Damian Stoy has been a prominent runner since 2006, with numerous podium finishes and race victories.

Tia Blanco surfer vegetarian from birth

Tia Blanco has been a successful surfer for many years and has achieved international recognition very early in life.  She is a member of the American surfing team and has won several surfing tournaments.  

David Meyer fighter world #1

Ten times world champion and pioneer of the sport

Mika Ireste roller derby player

Mika Ireste is a leading player in the brutal and sometimes dangerous contact sport of roller derby. She plays in Wales for Swansea City under the name ‘Little Myy’ and also for Team Wales as ‘Ireste’.

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