Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches cyclist runner

Antoine is a Canadian multisport athlete specialising in triathlon. His strongest distance is 70.3, known as half ironman.  This is a 1.9 km (1.2 mile) swim, 90 km (56 mile) cycle and a 21.1km (13.1 mile) run.

Monk Coleman bodybuilder

Monk Coleman is a bodybuilder who started competing in his 40s and still provided stiff competition for competitors far younger than him.

Sebastjan Gergoric cyclist runner

Sebastjan is a Slovenian triathlete who has raced sprint, Olympic and Ironman distance events. He is best known for his performances at Ironman level.

Morgan Mitchell runner

Morgan Mitchell is a sprinter who specialises in the 400 metres. She’s represented Australia on numerous occasions including at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She's also competed over 800 metres and 200 metres.

Pam Boteler canoeist

Pam Boteler is a retired sprint canoeist who has made history in a number of ways.

Griff Whalen american footballer

Griff has established himself as a successful American football player in the NFL, enjoying success with the SanDiego Colts and the Baltimore Ravens.  He has previously played for Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins and Stanford University.  In 2018 he signed for Oakland Raiders.

Torre Washington bodybuilder

Long-term vegan Torre Washington started competing in bodybuilding in 2009. Torre won his Pro card that same year, winning his second show. Since then he has won numerous competitions and placed in the top 3 in all but one of the sixteen he entered.

Greg Moormann bodybuilder

Greg Moormann has made an impressive impact on his sport of Natural Bodybuilding with numerous wins in Masters categories.

Claire Foreman fighter

Claire ‘Fury’ Foreman is a Muay Thai martial artist from Australia. She has won the Victoria WMC Bantamweight title.  In November 2015 Claire fought for the Australian title, and won.

Melanie Fraunschiel fighter

Melanie is an Austrian boxer who lives in the capital Vienna and competes in the 60kg weight category.

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