European win for vegan track athlete Andreas Vojta

14th August 2019

14 August 2019

Vegan runner Andreas Vojta followed up his 33rd Austrian title with two races in the European Championships.

Andreas represented his country in the 5000 m and 3000 m.  Austria are currently in the Second League of the competition, which includes twelve nations.  A system of promotion and relegation links the league with the two divisions above and one below.   As a team competition each athlete scores points depending on their placings.

“I had a very good start with my first day on the 5000m” Andreas told Great Vegan Athletes.  “As usual it was a slow and tactical race where I could use my experience to control the field during the first 3-4km. The last km the race started to speed up and I got myself in front with one lap to go.”

Andreas held onto the lead and took first place and 12 points for Austria.

The following day he found the 3000 m harder.  As well as feeling tired the race was at a fast pace.

“Even though I´m not really happy with my performance in this race I could place 5th out of 12 nations and could add some more important points to our account” he reflected.

“In the end the Austrian team achieved it´s big goal to stay in the league and place 7th overall!”

Vegan catering

Catering for vegans was a little limited, although Andreas adapted.

“Luckily we had a kitchen on each floor so I just made some rice, pasta and veggies with some of my teammates. So we had good quality foods, the amounts we needed and we didn´t have to wait at the counter in the restaurant. So not that easy but there is also a way to get your meals done!”

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