365 marathons in a year for vegan couple!

Running a marathon is a challenge many people aspire to, so the attempts by two vegans in their 60s to run a marathon a day for a year is an amazing goal. Alan Murray (68) and Janette Murray-Wakelin (64), are New Zealanders living in Australia who are nearing the end of this massive feat.

6 December 2013

Previous challenges have included over 60 marathons and ultramarathons between them and in the year 2000 they ran 50 marathons in 50 days, covering the length of New Zealand – 2182 km (1631 miles).

Through 2013 they have undertaken to run 365 marathons together over the year “to inspire and motivate conscious lifestyle choices, to promote kindness and compassion for all living beings and to raise environmental awareness for a sustainable future”.

The total distance covered will be 15,500km or 9670 miles.

“We hope to inspire others to believe in themselves, to follow their dreams, and to achieve their goals through making more conscious lifestyle choices. We can be living proof of what can be achieved by making conscious life choices. While we are Running around Australia during the year 2013, we will have the opportunity to show that by eating raw living plant-based foods, we are healthier, more physically fit and have unlimited energy at beyond 60 years of age than in our earlier years, including when we ran the length of New Zealand 13 years previously. Inspiration is what motivates people to ‘Never Stop Pushing’ for what they believe in and for what they want to achieve.”

While running they plan to eat dates and bananas to fuel their efforts. They adhere to a raw vegan diet.

They are also raising funds for a number of charities. Their schedule will take them to Melbourne on December 31st, which is where they started from on January 1st.

Their site: http://www.runningrawaroundaustralia.com/