305kg total for Julia at World Championships

Julia Trezise has been competing in the World Drug Free powerlifting Championships.

18 November 2017

Competing in Atlanta on Saturday (November 18th) she started with a squat of 100 kg which equalled her own national record.

She went on to bench press 65 kg, breaking her own record of 62.5 kg which was set earlier this month. Before that the record was one Julia set at 60 kg.

Last was deadlift. Earlier this month she disappointed herself with the deadlift, failing to lift the 140 kg she had lifted in training. This time there was no such issue and she made a clean lift of 140 kg.

The total of 305 kg achieved two things as it not only broke her own record set earlier this month but also fulfilled her own goal of exceeding 300 kg.

It was at the Atlanta meet earlier this month that Julia increased the national record record from 280 kg to 292.5 kg. These lifts mean she’s added 25 kg to the National Record in less than a month. She also finished with a Wilks score of 380.


Julia was in touch with Great Vegan Athletes from the meet where she was pleased with her result.

“I am so stoked, a 305kg total was a big goal for me so I am really happy that I got to achieve it. I learned a lot between my last comp and this one and fortunately was able to put that to good use. I definitely feel that the key to today's success was hydration and nutrition; so it was definitely plant-power that got me through the day!”

This adds to a tremendous year for Julia who we will be watching closely as she takes on more challenges.

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