SportVegan powerlifters

Often considered the purest test of strength, powerlifting has seen vegans compete as some of the strongest competitors.

Increasing numbers of national records have fallen to vegan powerlifters including men and women in a variety of weight classes, as vegans have competed at international levels.

Sarah Kashdan powerlifter strong vegan

From four recorded meets, Sarah has taken four wins and a second, including a win in both the Open and Submasters at the Mr America Sport Festival 2023.

Daniel Austin powerlifter strong vegan

Daniel is a powerlifter who has only ever competed as a vegan. He's competed at 75 and 82.5 kg, taking three national titles.

Sophia Ellis powerlifter

Sophia is an accomplished powerlifter with multiple successes nationally and internationally.

Katya Gorbacheva powerlifter strong vegan

Katya Gorbacheva is a USA powerlifter competing with USAPL and USPL. She has transitioned from the bikini and figure categories of bodybuilding with fantastic success. Competing in the 75 kg category (raw), she has squatted 165 kg, benched 87.5 kg and deadlifted 172.5 kg. Her competition total stands at 425 kg.

Ryan Stills powerlifter strong vegan

Ryan has been a world class powerlifter for several years, making his mark at the highest level against the strongest opponents.

Bradie Crandall powerlifter strong vegan strongman/strongwoman

Bradie has quickly established himself as a notable powerlifter in the USA. At a young age he has already hit international standards.

Veronique Cormier powerlifter

Veronique Cormier has established herself as a leading powerlifter in her home nation of Canada.

Hollie Kempton powerlifter strong vegan

Hollie is an incredibly strong powerlifter who has achieved some amazing lifts. Competing in the ~48kg category, she has squatted 105kg and benched 60kg. Her deadlift is over three times her bodyweight at 155kg.

Dawid Kawka powerlifter strong vegan

Dawid Kawka is a Polish powerlifter who made his mark on the 2020 National Championships with some enormous lifts.

Fia Kamlund powerlifter strong vegan

Fia Kamlund has built up some amazing strength to bring her success in powerlifting. Competing in the 84kg category in both raw and equipped categories she has achieved a 430 kg raw total in competion and 512.5kg equipped.

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