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Karl Bruder bodybuilder

Karl Bruder is a bodybuilder who has impressed everyone as he has made great advances in the sport.

Julia Hubbard bodybuilder runner

Julia has been a prolific competitor in a variety of sports, competing internationally in bobsleigh, bodybuilding, fitness and sprinting.

Derek Tresize bodybuilder

Derek Tresize is a professional bodybuilder and has been a vegan since 2007. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, is a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise and has a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University.

Ivan Blazquez bodybuilder

Ivan Blazquez is a certified exercise physiologist with a master's degree in exercise physiology. He's also a pro natural physique competitor/bodybuilder - and a competitive triathlete. Ivan holds a coveted pro card in natural bodybuilding since 2009. He gradually transitioned to a vegan diet as he experienced benefits for both health and physical performance.

Monk Coleman bodybuilder

Monk Coleman is a bodybuilder who started competing in his 40s and still provided stiff competition for competitors far younger than him.

Torre Washington bodybuilder

Long-term vegan Torre Washington started competing in bodybuilding in 2009. Torre won his Pro card that same year, winning his second show. Since then he has won numerous competitions and placed in the top 3 in all but one of the sixteen he entered.

Greg Moormann bodybuilder

Greg Moormann has made an impressive impact on his sport of Natural Bodybuilding with numerous wins in Masters categories.

Amanda Riester bodybuilder fighter

Amanda’s two grandfathers and her father boxed professionally and Amanda learned a lot from them when growing up. At 16 she entered the Chicago Golden Gloves, an annual amateur competition,  at 17 she boxed at national level. Aged 18, she was rated at number two in the United States.  After ten years of boxing she retired with an amazing total of four Chicago Golden Gloves titles, and started coaching and bodybuilding.

Dusan Dudas bodybuilder

Dusan is a Slovakian-born bodybuilder who lives in New Zealand. In 2001 he won 'Mr New Zealand' and a year later entered 'Musclemania' in Australia, taking 2nd place. In 2007 he won 'Mr New Zealand' Masters. Two years later he won Mr New Zealand Natural Over 50 category, aged 54.

Jim Morris bodybuilder

Jim Morris was a bodybuilder who has had an amazing career well into his older years. In the picture above he is aged 61.

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