Dusan Dudas


Dusan is a Slovakian-born bodybuilder who lives in New Zealand. In 2001 he won 'Mr New Zealand' and a year later entered 'Musclemania' in Australia, taking 2nd place. In 2007 he won 'Mr New Zealand' Masters. Two years later he won Mr New Zealand Natural Over 50 category, aged 54.

  • 2001 Mr New Zealand winner
  • 2007 Mr News Zealand Masters winner
  • Over 60 New Zealand Natural bodybuilding Champion

In 2015 he competed in the New Zealand Natural Bodybuilding competition and took first place in the over 60 category.

Saving health

He turned vegan aged 52. His family had always suffered from heart problems, and Dusan was experiencing high cholesterol and blood pressure.

“I turned from a meat-eater to a vegan overnight and after only two weeks all my problems disappeared – and I was able to sleep better, calmed down, stopped snoring and my overall health improved rapidly. I haven’t had any health problems since.”

Dusan is also a respected trainer, having coached a number of students to bodybuilding success, and is the author of ‘Naturally Amazing’, a guide to training on a vegan or vegetarian diet.

“As I can see, more and more people are turning to vegetarian or vegan lifestyles around the world. I don’t try to persuade people to become vegan or vegetarian, I just recommend a correct diet and I try to be the best example to them.”

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