Karl Bruder


Karl Bruder is a bodybuilder who has impressed everyone as he has made great advances in the sport.

  • Placed sixth at Mr Universe
  • WABBA Grand Prix winner
  • Fourth at P. C. A. Physical Culture

He has a win at the WABBA Grand Prix (2016) and took 6th place at the Mr Universe before placing 4th at the PCA Physical Culture – all as a vegan. The WABBA win is the one he is most pleased with.

In March 2016, Karl went vegan.

“It was due to a documentary called ‘The Game Changers’, executive produced by James Cameron” Karl says. “My wife was vegan which planted the idea in my head. I had the opportunity to get professional advice during the documentary. I suddenly became aware of what I was supporting as a non vegan.”

Animals are a big part of Karl’s life and he lives with four rescued horses at his home on the Isle of Man, UK. The vegan diet has also worked well for him.

“I have put on 6kg since I have been vegan in 20 months. I never achieved this amount of muscle prior to being vegan in 6 years in competitive bodybuilding. So when someone says you built most of your muscle on animal based products I tell them I have made a lot more progress and faster on a plant based diet. I have never been in such good shape and conditioned all year round as I am now. So the fact is, being vegan has massive benefits to my sport and my health.”

A love of food

As a competitive bodybuilder, Karl does have to travel, but this isn’t an issue, it just takes some preparation. “I always make sure I have my own food whilst travelling and that I have access to vegan food where ever I go” he explains.

This means he never has to compromise. At home, he manages to cook up interesting food. “I love to cook and experiment with all sorts of plant based foods and create amazing meals” he says. “I eat a lot of lentils, nuts, beans of all different types and your basic carbohydrates too.”

This fuels his training which includes the gym on six days per week. He also looks after his rescue horses which involves physical work, and plenty of walking.

With his enormous muscle growth and success in competition, others have noted that veganism has worked well for Karl. “I have a great respect from everyone that is not vegan along with my training partner who is amazed at my gains over the past year as a vegan. I go about it differently because most vegans get haste as soon as they mention it. So my motto is ‘I’ll show you better than I can tell you’ – actions speak louder than words. I go about it a subtle way and that way I seem to grab the attention and interest of people that are not vegan.”

In future he has no specific plans or objectives, although his love of the sport is clear. “It’s just a hobby to keep me in shape and now a good reason to show people that veganism is the way to go…My goal now is to show people that there is no reason to eat or use animal based products. My approach is a bit different as I do not talk about it much as I said actions speak louder than words.”

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