Vegan runs 900 km to take course record

Extreme distance runner Budjargal Byambaa has completed a six day event in first place.

The Mongolia vegan covered 904 km in six days to set a course record in Milwaukee, USA. He faced strong opposition in Joseph Fejes, who finished second behind Budjargal. Joseph has recorded the world’s best six day distance of the last fifteen years.

The 561 mile run made Budjargal only the 21st runner ever to exceed 900 km in six days, and the fifth in the last 13 years.. Last year he recorded the world’s best distance over six days for the year. This is also the Asian record, which was previously 834 km.

Budjargal has been vegan since January 2019, favouring a raw food diet centred on fruit and nuts.

He also practices mental discipline.

“Long distance running is different than any other type of running. It needs not only physical strength, it needs my inner strength. My thought about inner strength is, it is so powerful and it can give me much much more strength than the physical strength.”

“Becoming vegan helped me to find my inner strength.”

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