Six days of running and vegan takes the win

Vegan runner Budjargal Byambaa has run some mind-boggling distances and shown legendary endurance. He’s just done it again.

The Mongolian runner has been in the USA for several years, and entered the Sri Chinmoy six day race hoping to add to his 6 days over the six day format. He did not disappoint.

On the first day he ran 102.5 miles, leading the second place runner by over 11 miles. He set the furthest distance on four of the next five days to win overall with a 502 mile (808 km) total. His lead was over 38 miles. This is the world’s best distance over 6 days this year. It totalled over 19 standard marathons.

Budjargal paid tribute to the supporters from New York’s Mongolia community. As well as his national flag Budjargal flew the vegan flag in celebration.

Vegan power

Budjargal tuned vegan in January 2019 after talking to a medical expert.

“Veganism is the right choice for me, it improves my physical strength” he says. “It helps me to transcend my physical self, moving to the next stage of my spiritual development and growth.”

He’s known for his psychological and spiritual approach to extreme distance events and his infectious smile while running.

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The race

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