Euro title taken by vegan lifter as she bags a record

Vegan powerlifting champion Sahyuri Lalime has taken a European title – and a record. The four-time Belgian national champion was competing in the Western European Championships in France. It was a closely-fought competition.

“I’m still walking on clouds” she said. “It was a non-stop battle from start to finish, where scraping for every kilogramme was key.”

Sahyuri was pushed all the way and won her 63 kg open category by just 2.5 kg. She finished with a 162.5 kg squat (a personal best by 7.5 kg) and a bench of 80 kg.

Her deadlift of 195 kg was also a personal best by 7.5 kg, and set a WEC deadlift record.

This is my first European title and record” she says. “The last couple of years have been rough and full of setbacks. This feels like a great, fresh start to a new chapter in my powerlifting story.”

Sahyuri turned vegan in 2015 after being vegetarian for 12 years.

“My motivation to go vegetarian was based purely on not wanting to kill animals”.

“Until that point, it hadn’t occurred to me that the dairy industry was just as vile, if not more vile than the meat industry.”

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