Vegan runner bags place in top Euro marathon

Rising star of the marathon Naomi Mitchell stormed to second in the Manchester Therme marathon, qualifying for international competition.

6 April 2022

The Reading-based vegan finished in 2:30:54. This was inside the European qualifying time of 2:32:00 and the Commonwealth time of 2:34:00.

The blistering pace was the result of hard work and dedication as well as good nutrition.

“I would say I have improved based on improving my training/ work balance by going part time” Naomi told Great Vegan Athletes. “This allows me to focus more on training at optimal times in optimal locations, more closely with my coach. As well as this it’s giving me more time to cook fresh and varied foods to get my fuelling right. “

She has been vegan since 2015, a decision she made with her husband – who ran a half marathon personal best on the same weekend.

“I was interested in how best to balance my nutrition to allow for adequate recovery during my training. At the same time my husband was learning more about the ethical and environmental benefits of veganism and so it was a decision we made together.”

Naomi has several options and is considering running in Munich in August of this year.

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