Vegan is last survivor in three day race

Vegan runner Antonio di Manno has won the international Race of Champions backyard race.

25 May 2023

The gruelling last survivor format has no finish.  Runners complete the same 4.17 mile (6.7 km) route every hour until they fail to finish within the hour.

That’s 100 miles per day.  The last remaining runner wins.  There’s no schedule for rest, sleep, eating or toilet breaks.

Antonio is the Italian record holder, and faced invited runners from nations including Mexico, Japan and across Europe.  The course was a tough trail with 100 metres of height gain.

Antonio ran for over three days.   After the 73rd lap his last rival dropped out, leaving Antonio to complete the last lap alone.  He’s completed 74 laps – 496 km, 308 miles, with an incredible 7400 metres of height gain.

Vegan since 2015, Antonio describes his decision to change as ‘ethical for the animals’.  He is keen to awareness of veganism and supports animal sanctuaries too.  He’s a member of the Vegan Power running team and wears the kit in races.

He is a prolific runner with three wins at Europe’s longest nonstop ultra  and wins at other high profile events including at 100 miles and 6-hour events.