Vegan cyclist takes victory in the Belgian Mountain Bike Challenge

Three-time national champion Frans Claes won with a solid performance in the challenging four-day stage race.

24 May 2023

BeMC is considered the toughest mountainbike race in the Benelux region. It comprises four stages, 260 km and 8000 metres of height gain, and Frans made the podium for each stage.

Stage one was a time trial of 19.6 kilometers and 710 vertical meters; Frans suffered a chain issue but surprised himself by winning.  It gave him confidence.

“I think I have now reached an ideal point where my experience and my physical strength are at their peak. My experience in particular was the deciding factor this year.”

Frans has been vegan since 2009, for several reasons.

“My main reason was for the climate and the effects meat production has on the climate, the nature and its ecosystems. Second, for the animals that have to suffer and to die for the human need for animal products. Third, because we save a lot of energy and can feed more people in this world if we want to.”

Fuelling racing is something Frans now is confident with.

“We make a mix of raw and cooked veggies together with the carbohydrates we need for the race such as: potatoes, rice and pasta. To get the protein and the amino acids I eat tofu and tempeh. In the morning I eat cereals (easy to digest) and top it with maple syrup.”  

Frans is now building up to the European championship in Laissac, France, on 11th of June.


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