Vegan boxer takes another win

Cruiserweight Cheavon Clarke retains his unbeaten professional record

20 February 2023

Vegan boxer Cheavon Clarke has continued his unbeaten run with a convincing unanimous victory.

The Jamaican-born British boxer faced Israel Duffus, a dangerous opponent who had won 17 of his 29 matches by knockout.  Cheavon went into the match with four professional fights and four wins by stoppage.

Duffus was knocked down four times and all judges gave the match to Cheavon by a wide margin.

Prior to that the Cruiserweight had a successful amateur career.

Cheavon has been vegan since 2018. “One day I was eating meat, and the next day I said I’m done with meat, dairy, and all of that. And then just went on a journey from there,” he said.

“There’s not a lot of time between training, resting, eating, training again. So being able to eat something, digest it, have a quick little rest, and go again. It’s great. Before when I was eating meat, that took a lot longer,” he said.