Follow that car! Vegan runner beats fully charged Tesla

In a modern twist on the man against horse challenger, vegan runner Robbie Balenger has taken on a Tesla.

16 April 2022

The fully charged car was driven at 65 miles per hour which set the distance for Robbie’s challenge.

Robbie ran for three days to pass the 242 mile distance by 100 feet. It took 76 hours 54 minutes and 46 seconds. This exceeded the original three-day target which was hampered by three days of excessive heat in Texas, USA.

“Tesla is the most disruptive and exciting thing to happen to transportation since the first horse was broken” Robbie says. “So what better opponent for a modern take on the man vs. horse race?”

“In the end, I was able to out-distance the Tesla in just shy of 77 hours. It was absolutely brutal, but we got it done.”

The challenge was part of the Feats of Strength series organised by sportswear brand Ten Thousand. Robbie previously attempted a challenge in the series where he ran 100 miles, breaking the record for laps of the New York Central Park.

Ten Thousand CEO Keith Nowak was quick to offer his congratulations. “Robbie has once again blown us all away” he says. “He’s still always on the lookout for a new challenge. I can think of few athletes that better exemplify our ‘Better Than Yesterday’ brand mantra. We are incredibly proud and honored to have played a role in helping him realize this incredible achievement.”

Robbie reflected on his part in this challenge of the moment which highlighted veganism and environmental challenge.

“As a plant-based athlete, I have two key considerations when it comes to my diet: environmentalism and performance . Tesla excels at both. Outlasting a Tesla has been the longest single effort I have undertaken to date,” adds Balenger. “My hope is that this feat inspires others to leave their comfort zones and embrace innovation, be it by challenging their perceptions of their own physical limits, or making lifestyle changes that can have a positive effect on the planet.”

The challenge

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