Comfortable 100 mile win for vegan runner at Italian ultra festival

Antonio Di Manno has taken victory in the 100 mile race at the Italian Ultramarathon festival.

27 March 2022

Antonio’s win in 18 hours 19 minutes and 58 seconds was almost five hours ahead of the second placed runner. As he crossed the line he said “I dedicate this victory over 100 miles to all animals that suffer.”

The Italian runner has been vegan since 2015 and runs the Vegan Power running team. He won the race in a Vegan running top.

Antonio says: “I run to speak to the animals and I want to try to talk about veganism as much as possible. I’m also giving an example that vegan is possible!”

He’s currently looking forward to the 285 km UMS Ultramarathon da Milano a Sanremo in April, which he won last year. He also has a Last Survivor race planned for May.

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