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Melody Schoenfeld strong vegan powerlifter

Success in powerlifting has given Melody Schoenfeld’s records at State and National level. The petite American has shown enormous strength in kettlebell, old time strongman challenges such as bar bending. 

Bill McCarthy powerlifter strong vegan

Bill McCarthy is an American powerlifter. He competes at national level and has qualified for international competition including the Arnold Sports festival three times. He’s 120kg in weight and his personal best lifts (raw) are 501 lb (227.5kg) bench press, 750 lbs (340kg) squat and 622 lb (282.5kg) deadlift.

Patrik Baboumian bodybuilder powerlifter strong vegan strongman/strongwoman

Patrik was born in Iran and lives in Germany. In 1999 aged 20 he won the German Junior Bodybuilding title.

Joel Kirkilis bodybuilder powerlifter strong vegan

Australian Joel Kirkilis is a vegan bodybuilder who became the Victoria (Aus) bodybuilding champion in 2009. In 2010 he entered the INBA Melbourne Open and the Victoria Class 2 competition, and finished second in each.

Rob Bigwood strong vegan

Rob took up arm-wrestling in 2000. It was after a tournament in 2002 that he first starting feeling uncomfortable about eating meat and moving towards a vegan diet. Like many people, Rob had been led to believe that meat was an important part of building strength.

Pat Reeves powerlifter strong vegan

Pat was diagnosed with a serious genetic cancer in 1977 when she was 32.  The devastating news which led to her adopting a wholefood vegan diet. As a result her health has made an excellent recovery and the 'terminal' cancer has gone into remission.  Meanwhile Pat but continues to live a full and incredible life.

Joni Purmonen powerlifter strong vegan strongman/strongwoman

Joni turned vegan in 1991, and started training for and competing in strongman events around 2000 in the 105kg weight category. Since then he has developed an impressive level of strength, with personal bests of 150kg for bench press, 230kg for squat and a deadlift of 262.5kg. His bodyweight is 107kg.

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